Could you afford to own a Picasso?

Patrick Procktor - Cataract Aswan

Well, maybe. Thanks to a new exhibition from Twenty Twenty Gallery, the notion may not be out of reach!


Opening 14 March, Collector’s Prints at the gallery in Shropshire’s Much Wenlock will show original art prints by names like Picasso, Dame Elisabeth Frink and Patrick Procktor, with prices starting at £250.


The collection has been curated by owner Mary Elliott, who inspired us with her thoughts when we visited the gallery this week; “We’ve selected pieces that would make a great start or addition to an art collection, but ultimately I would advise people just to buy what they like! This is the real joy of owning art”.


Pieces have been selected from London’s Redfern Gallery, with other artists to feature including Allen Jones, William Scott and Sir Terry Frost.


To find out more about the exhibition (14 March – 18 April) and get a sneak peek, go to

Image: Patrick Procktor