Heston serves tea at Weston

Demonstrating there may just be a future for chocolate teapots was probably one of the tamer of Heston’s mad ideas.  But a touch of madness is what every good tea party needs, isn’t it?

If you didn’t see Heston Blumenthal in action then check out last night’s Great British Food on Channel 4, filmed at Afternoon Tea Manor, where all the guests had impeccable manners up until the point they started eating the plates –literally – but then you wouldn’t expect anything else given the host would you?

Taking on the guise of Afternoon Tea Manor was the delectable Weston Park in Shropshire, chosen as the setting for Heston’s dedication to the Great British afternoon tea.

And there could be no better setting, the quintessential stately home in every way; the library, Victorian Orangery and even the cellars provided the perfect backdrop for Heston’s culinary revelry.

Weston Park East Front

Weston Park’s open season begins tomorrow (24 May 2014).  Take a trip and you’ll discover what tickled Heston’s taste buds.