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Paul Gossage

Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust

"Fido are one in a million; they give an honest appraisal of what they can achieve from a campaign and then they get on and deliver it."

Susan Dickerson

Period Ideas Magazine

"What's my favourite thing about Fido? There's a generosity of spirit and a humanity that is seldom found in PR. They care for their clients, they're proud of their business and they make me feel as if I am the only journalist they are speaking to. Kindness is their secret weapon."

Gill Wright

Victoria Baths

“Fido PR has provided tremendous support to the Victoria Baths project over the years. Their understanding of our needs, creative approach to PR and efficient handling of press releases together produce an invaluable service. They are also a pleasure to work with.”

Shropshire Council

"Fido PR’s results have been impressive, delivered by a professional and friendly team."

Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust Period Ideas Magazine Victoria Baths Shropshire Council