Shakespeare Unleashed: how to lead a life less ordinary

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It is our firm belief that creativity is our most natural, accessible and valuable human asset – it’s our greatest gift.  It helps us succeed, solve problems and lead a life less ordinary.


Enabling children to develop this gift through the greatest creative mind that ever lived, through the language and stories that help us to understand the flaws and frailty of the human condition, is why we believe that Shakespeare Week is a fantastic opportunity; realised and brought to life by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.


Wherever we go, Shakespeare is with us.  He lives on in our speech, he’s part of our national identity and he’s the reason why Britain is still the epicentre of the literary and creative world.


The aim of Shakespeare Week is to pass this legacy on to all our children, teaching them to be proud of our creative heritage and learn from it, is the most powerful skill we can nurture in our future generations. For it is the space from which ideas, emotional intelligence and limitless possibilities can flourish.


Prepare as we unleash the second annual Shakespeare Week, starting on Monday 16 March. Here’s a taster of media coverage from the first day in The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph, plus look out for the First News ‘In Focus’ issue, dedicated to all things Shakespeare.


Join the fun #ispyshakespeare


Image credit: Marcia Williams / Walker Books