Suffragette – Charity Premiere

Tonight we’ll be joining the Pankhurst Trust and a whole legion of inspiring women at the charity premiere of Suffragette.  This is a project that Fido has been thrilled to be a part of, and is hugely inspired by.

Fido is all about stories and this is an extraordinary story unlike any other; a story that needs to be told, explored and continued.  We truly are in awe of those women that went before us to reach out and start to achieve equality.  We are in awe of them for their cause and also the way in which they went about achieving their cause.

Has there ever been anything more powerful than DEEDS NOT WORDS, more memorable then their colours and their sartorial attire and ultimately more stirring than their bravery and their sacrifices?

It has been our privilege to work on this project with the Pankhurst Trust; the charity based in Emmeline Pankhurst’s fomer home that pays tribute to the Pankhurst family and the Suffragettes through its small museum and women’s centre.

This is just the beginning for the Pankhurst Trust, its vision and its plans leading into 2018; the centenary of women getting the partial vote – and what a beginning!


You can visit the Pankhurst Trust this weekend (10 and 11 October), 60-62 Nelson Street, Manchester, M13 9WP and stand in the very parlour in which the Suffragette movement was formed. 10-4pm, entry is free.


Suffragette goes on general release on Monday 12 October.